MOTO-PLAST D.O.O. Njegoševa 111, 22330 Nova Pazova
SHOWS financial reports for business 2010/2011 year with the opinion of the auditors

Financial reports

Moto-plast has a stable position on the market mainly due to its good quality products. We are key suppliers to a number of enterprizes, starting with small businesses to multinational companies.  Our most important customers are:

  1. Atlantic brands
  2. Carlsberg
  3. Coca-Cola HBC
  4. Delhaize
  5. Grand Prom
  6. Hemofarm
  7. Henkel - Merima
  8. Imlek
  9. Knjaz Miloš
  10. Metalac posuđe doo.
  11. Milšped
  12. Nelt
  13. Tetra Pak
  14. Voda Vrnjci
  15. Zagrebačka pivovara